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Church At Home

For those in our Cathedral Family and around the World Wide Web who cannot physically join us for Mass we offer these resources so that, even away from the Cathedral itself, we may unite our prayers to the Throne of God for the health and salvation of the world.

The Great Litany

The Great Litany was the first rite translated into English by Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, first Archbishop of Canterbury of the Church of England. The Litany, first used in the 5th Century in Rome, includes various petitions to God through the merits of Jesus Christ.

Act of Spiritual Communion

The reception of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ made manifest in the Bread and Wine is one of the most vital Sacraments a Christian can receive. When a person is kept from receiving the Holy Eucharist through no fault of their own, the Church allows her people to receive the Sacrament through the Act of Spiritual Communion.

Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Hope

A Novena is a set of specific prayers that are said consecutively for nine days for a certain intention.

Book of Common Prayer

The Book of Common Prayer has been the unifying book of worship for Anglicans since 1549. Our current prayer book, revised in 1979, guides the worship of every parish in The Episcopal Church. The prayers herein have become cultural cornerstones of American religious life and have sustained us as a nation since its inception.